The creator of The Choice Is Mine is giving a 1 day class on March 28th for those of you who are job seekers or professionals and want to break out of the cycle of ‘struggle’.  This class is great for those who are stuck in the middle of jobs currently.

What I have noticed is that when people are in the middle of jobs, not at their own conscious choosing, it is like you are reaching for anything that comes along because you feel you have to do something, anything now!  You can’t take the time to figure out what it is that you really love.

I remember watching Donald Trump get interviewed on a number of occasions and he always without fail has said the same thing over and over again.  “Do what you love”.

I am finding the importance of that because when you are doing what you love, everything else falls into place.  When you are doing what you love, you will be in the space and mindset to allow your creativity come in and give you the solutions you need to be able to live the life you love.

The thing is getting into that space cannot be done from a place of fear.  If you are worried about what will happen to you and don’t feel you can do anything to change it, you will need some support from  outside of yourself that can help move you from hopelessness and into empowerment.

This concept is also the same for those who are in a job or profession that they feel is slowly sucking the life out of them but feel that they are stuck because “in this economy, they are lucky to have a job!”

Join me in Orlando and be “transformed” into getting the job or profession of your dreams by Veronique, the creator of The Choice Is Mine.  It is truly an experience you have not experienced before and one that will last and create PERMANENT changes in your life and not something you feel good when you are there and it’s all gone by the time you get home.

I’ll be attending, so if you have any questions, just ask away!  It will blow you mind as I’ve worked with her before and she never fails to deliver!

Sign up for the professional development and transformation class here.