Veronique, the creator of the powerful 2-volume course THE CHOICE IS MINE has been asked to present her course to the Dalai Lama in a private audience in India this month.  A course that was 18 years in the making is finally having its ‘coming out’ debut.   “All of these years I have spent interviewing, working with and observing people to discover what it is that they do that keeps them in loss, lack and struggle has now come to fruition” said Veronique, the creator of the material.  “I have been able to not only discover, but also teach the subtleties that will allow people to shift quickly from struggle into abundance, and have been able to communicate these subtleties in a grounded and balanced way.  Anyone, at any age, and from all walks of life can use this course to improve their life situation no matter where they are starting from.  All they need is to be willing.  I am so excited to be able to present this to the Dalai Lama because it is now the time for this material to become available to the rest of the world.”

This course is one of the first HOW-TO guides to support the individual being able to create the life they love because it goes beyond giving them the WHAT to do.  This is not a course that is read once and put away.  It is a lifetime companion that anyone can come back to over and over again, which is like a one-time investment that keeps on giving.  “The way the course is structured, allows people to very quickly get to the core of what is holding them back and keeping them down.  We also don’t assume we know their answers.  We take the approach that it is their life and they already know the answers that will work best for them to create the life they love.  We just teach them how to discover those answers for themselves, and give them the tools to implement those answers in their life very quickly” said Veronique.

“It is our birthright to be able to live a life of grace, ease and abundance and it is available for us if we so choose.  It is a matter of being aware enough to make the choice to live through our love or to live through our fear.  THE CHOICE IS MINE teaches us all how to choose through love so we can have the life we love,” said Veronique.

THE CHOICE IS MINE focuses on the subtle beliefs that keep individuals in lack and struggle that they may not even think are affecting their lives because these subtle differences seem so insignificant.  However the outcomes created in their lives by these subtle differences in beliefs are the difference between living in lack and struggle and living in ease and abundance.

“WOW, TRIUMPHANT An Inspiration for Generations! It is a treasure to pass on to everyone you know. With grace, THE CHOICE IS MINE reminds us that there is something more important than our fears… Love. Better yet, Veronique’s writings have a clear intent that will support, nurture, as well as provide you empowering tools that work on the subconscious level allowing you to recognize the empowerment in challenges … so you can receive what you want…no matter what!
If anyone has ever said to you, look inside for the answers, and you said silently, how do I do that? Veronique’s mentoring, training, and powerful material gives a voice of truth to your fears and a reality to your hopes and your dreams.”  ? Barry Spilchuk, Author: A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul

THE CHOICE IS MINE also offers ongoing support through teleseminars held the second Tuesday of every month as well as through weekly radio shows broadcast on WWNN Radio and on podcast through to find out how to get THE CHOICE IS MINE in your business or organization call 1.800.830.4731 ext 950.