What you resist persists. That is true in all areas of our lives including emotions. When we are resisting an emotion, we enable it to get stronger and stronger. The need at allow it to pass without resistance becomes important or we will recreate the emotion again.

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When experiencing a negative emotion, recognize it is an opportunity to grow into observing that emotion and avoid fuel ing that energy. Let fear, anger or whatever you are feeling that is negative fade by allowing the energy of your true being to flow. Taking a deep breath and on the exhale say I Am That and on the inhale say I Am and add peace, joy, gratitude or another attribute of our true self that is perfect for the moment. For example: I Am That, I Am grateful I Am That, I Am prosperous A powerful alternative is to focus on the outcome say peace. While focusing on that idea say I Am That, I Am

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It is also important to know that we must experience this emotion and allow it UNCONDITIONALLY.  That means without judgment, blame, guilt or shame.  When we experience any emotion conditionally, we don’t actually release it, but we place it back where it was and we will have to create another situation in our lives again where we can allow it to come forward.

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