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What is Power…. Really?

On this show, Veronique, Lenny and B discuss power and what is it really, and what is really happening when we feel like we give our power away.   Is it something we can really do?  What is it to use our power constructively and destructively?  How does that play out in our lives?  When you listen to this show, you will get the answers to these questions and then some great insights as Veronique shares her view on this topic.  Listen in.

Back With the Radio Shows – Grief and What it is About

In a new Internet based radio show called “The Choice Is Mine – Cause and Effect Show”  The June 11th radio show discusses grief and just how it affects everyone in our lives as well as our own lives.  On this show, Veronique gives a very insightful view about grief and how we really create it in our own lives.  Once you have this understanding, you will be able to move through grief and not remain stuck in grief.

Listen in to this insightful show.

Get Illusion now and begin to turn your grief around.

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Are your plans working for you?

In this exciting show,  Veronique discusses how having a plan and a framework can help keep you focused on your goals.  On this show, she discusses:

Is your plan, or framework working for you? It can assist you in rising above any kind of a climate.

Providing your plan through love.

Vision – where are you going?  Being love over fear assists you in supporting your mission

Values – how do you conduct yourself?  Do you stand in the integrity of what you do and who you are?

Strategy – how do you balance out work, play responsibility?

Objectives?  how do you accomplish your mission?
Goals,  how do you measure success?  Are you successful by not acting through fear or greed?

Initiatives:  What steps must you take to execute everything?

Are You Ready To Weather The Economy?

Today’s show is about you weathering the state of the economy.  Take command of your thoughts, words, actions and have the will behind it and have a positive mindset so that nothing can touch you.

The Choice Is Mine gives you the ability to reprogram what it is that you want to have in your life.

You can give  yourself the ability to be at the head of your life.  Don’t be a worry wart, or a poor me or an excuse to not use your love as the source to all wealth.

The source that lives within you that positions you so that you can live your love and you can have whatever it is you want by being unconditionally.  Listen in to the rest of the show so you can hear the rest of the show for yourself.

Welcome Back Podcast

We have take a break for a bit on the radio podcasts, but we are back and stronger than ever!  Listen in to this inspiring podcast and receive some inspiring insights.  Your personal and professional transformational training is on its way!

The Importance of Having a Strong Foundation

A strong foundation allows you to not only become aware of the subtleties in life that hold you back and keep you down, but it also allows you to be able to move beyond them to be able to live what you love.  With a strong foundation, you can bounce back quicker and not fall into those limiting beliefs and behaviors that will keep you from living the life you love.

Listen into this show which shows you how having the right tools can build you that foundation more quickly than ever before.

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The Choice Is Mine Experience and Lifestyle

What allows someone to move from living a life of fear, lack, struggle and illness into living a life of grace, ease, abundance and love?  It is allowing yourself to live through love and love alone.  This all sounds great and wonderful, but what does that really mean?  Listen in to this episode and you can discover some very powerful tools that will actually give meaning and also a step by step HOW TO do this for yourself.

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The Power Of Your Intuition – It Can Save You A World Of Struggle

We are all born with a guidance system that steers us around the rocks and the troubled waters that lie in our path and it is powerful and perfect in it’s ability to support us in living a life of grace and ease.  How many people do you know that you don’t think are all that “intelligent” who seem to be “lucky” at the right place and time?  Their lives just seem to work and for the life of you, you can’t figure out why!

Well, that is the answer…  they aren’t figuring anything out.  They are using their intuition to guide them because they have found over the years that using their intuition brings them better results than using their brain.  Even if they are not conscious of this.  If many of the millionaires had used their intuition, they may not have got caught up in the Maddoff scandal.  Their intuition would have told them not to invest…. Even if it was through another company that ended up investing with Maddoff’s fund.

Listen in to HOW your intuition keeps you out of trouble and HOW you can rely on it more and more.

A Happy Holiday Broadcast The End of 2008 and the Beginning of 2009

Intending 2009 to be the best year ever! 

With the Holiday Season here and 2009 moments away, we are spending a lot of time with our relatives.  We have the ultimate ability to influence how our experience will be.  One way to do this is to assume the very best intentions with any interaction you have with anyone.  Remember, you are setting the energy for any interaction that you want to be true.  Assume and really stand in the knowing that you can create the very best intentions of any upcoming interaction.  Really bring forward within yourself the excellence of inspiring yourself of what you love to live vs. what you are currently living right now.

Listen in for more inspiring and powerful tips.

Remember, it is great to get AHA’s, but if you are truly committed to making a difference in your life, the only way you can do that is to take action. I can’t recommend enough how easy it is to do that through the tools found in THE CHOICE IS MINE.

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You Are Responsible For Creating What You Truly Want

We have more influence over our lives than we give ourselves credit for.  What keeps us back and holds us down are the subtle beliefs and thoughts.  As the saying goes, “when you take care of the little things, the big things take care of themselves.”  Get out of the illusion that you give your power away to another.  It is all about how you use your power.

Listen in to this powerful episode to learn how to turn things around.

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