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What Do You Passion, and How Does that Affect the Law Of Attraction?

In last night’s teleseminar, we had a question that basically said “what is keeping me from having what I want even though I am doing all of the things the books tell me to do, such as affirmations, positive thoughts, etc.?”

That is was a powerful question for me because I have myself wanted to achieve something and went through all of the  usual “excercises” and I didn’t receive anything that I had “written down”.  So I knew something else was at work, I just didn’t know what it was.

The call went over a few concepts that keep us from having what we want that were very powerful.  The first one was to look at what you currently have.  If you are currently getting something out of the situation and you have what you want, then your subconscious mind doesn’t support you because it sees you as already having what you ask for.  We are always living our highest priority subconsciously, so if we have obtained a goal, then it is up to us to change that goal at our subconscious level so we can allow our subconscious to work for us.

Another concept that we discussed that could keep us from having what we want was “do we passion what it is that we want?”  Is emotion involved or is it purely an intellectual exercise?  You cannot create on intellectual thought alone, it must be fueled by passion.  Passion is the ingredient that brings our dreams to life, and it is the gateway to opening ourselves up to live our lives in joy as we experience our journey in each and every moment.  It is the journey that is […]

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Resistance and the law of attraction

What you resist persists. That is true in all areas of our lives including emotions. When we are resisting an emotion, we enable it to get stronger and stronger. The need at allow it to pass without resistance becomes important or we will recreate the emotion again.

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When experiencing a negative emotion, recognize it is an opportunity to grow into observing that emotion and avoid fuel ing that energy. Let fear, anger or whatever you are feeling that is negative fade by allowing the energy of your true being to flow. Taking a deep breath and on the exhale say I Am That and on the inhale say I Am and add peace, joy, gratitude or another attribute of our true self that is perfect for the moment. For example: I Am That, I Am grateful I Am That, I Am prosperous […]

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Another Comment on The Moses Code Movie

This clip is from an article by Wendy Garrett and her comments on The Moses Code. She made a comment about what exists with us and I would like to expand on that.

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As as an Intuitive, I call it birthing. You cannot create that which does not exist within you. That statement levels no judgment. We create all that we can envision and all that which we can elevate our ability to fathom; and from that ensuing creation and mis-creation, we all evolve.

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Teleseminar On Why The Term ‘Self Esteem’ Is Misleading

The Choice is Mine will host a teleseminar on Tuesday April 8th at 8:00pm Eastern time that will discuss the contradiction we have in our mind when we use the term “Self Esteem”.  In this teleseminar, you will discover why it sets up a contradiction in our mind and what we should do instead when it comes to focusing on our personal development.

If you are one who has always focused on your ‘Self Esteem’ to improve your life, or your personal well being and have wondered why it was so difficult, or took such a long time to accomplish, then this teleseminar is for you.  If you are into the “Law of Attraction” then you will see how subtle, yet how significant the way we think about thing will determine what we allow into our lives.  You will learn a powerful way of bringing grace, ease and abundance into your life and be introduced to proven tools that have already helped thousands of others.

To register for this free teleseminar, go to

Leave a question if you would like it answered on the teleseminar.

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How To Thrive In Today’s Economy

This last episode dealing with the ego goes into bringing it back into balance and how a balanced ego can allow us to thrive in todays economy. No matter what is going on, a balanced ego will allow us to weather the storm of any economic troubles that may be occurring in the moment.


True Intent Equals Outcome Always

Your current conditions indicate what your true intent was. Your true intent today will create your outcome tomorrow. Reality is the keeper of truth and if you are not receiving what you say you want, then you are in truth, not wanting what you say you want. Look to your perception of love because that is the true indicator of how you allow your self to give and receive.

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