Another Speaker Participates in the ISSSEEM Conference – Howard Glasse

This speaker for the ISSSEEM Conference is going to cover ADHD and children.  He is Howard Glasser, a well know expert in the field of ADHD in children and his non-traditional methods of helping children with this condition.   In this article titled:  “Glasser Takes ADHD Kids Off Drugs” by Mimi Schaefer, discusses his background and his participation in the conference.

ADHD Expert and Author, Howard Glasser, Comes to Westminster, Colorado

Howard Glasser, author of ” Transforming the Difficult Child,” is a man best known for creating the Nurtured Heart Approach for treating childhood ADHD. Howard knows from his own experience. As a self-described difficult, annoying, challenging child who continually pushed the limits, Glasser shows the world what works and what doesn’t when treating children with ADHD.

Mr. Glasser will be presenting on his latest book entitled ” YOU Are Oprah: Lighting the Fires of Greatness” in Westminster, Colorado on June 26th. He will conduct a half day workshop on realizing your greatness as part of a larger conference for the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM). ISSSEEM is very pleased to bring such a high caliber expert as a presenter. ISSSEEM CEO, Denise Lewis Premschak says, “Howard’s work has been transformational for so many families. His techniques have helped so many children. We are honored to have someone of his great stature and someone so highly respected at the Sacred Synthesis: Science with Heart conference.”

After a decade of training therapists, touring and presenting to large audiences across the country, Glasser says he is most proud of the fact that he is responsible for keeping more children off of psychiatric medications than perhaps […]

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2009 ISSSEEM Conference to have Deepak Chopra Discuss Bridging Science and Spirit

DENVER, CO, June 12th, 2009–ISSSEEM (International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine) announces that it is taking sign-ups for this year’s annual subtle energies and healing conference. ISSSEEM’s 19th annual conference will be held from June 26th through July 1st and is called “Sacred Synthesis: Science with Heart”.

The Denver conference (actually not far away in Westminster, CO) will feature 20 elective choices from leaders in the field of the science of subtle energies. There will also be an entire day of pioneering scientific research; professional panel discussions; educational workshops including Healing Touch® training; and cultural stimulation that includes delicious food and wine along with passionate musical performances. Some of the workshops in this conference can count toward continuing education requirements as well. This will be a powerful healing conference, and all scientifically-minded but spiritually-centered health practitioners are invited to attend.

The heart, the first organ of the human body to form, is the supreme theme of this year’s conference. The heart is our coordinating clock that defines the length of our lives and gives us our sense of time. Its subtle energies are the source of our biological magnetism and the healing energies that sustain the body. The heart is the bridge between the soul and the mind. Indeed, modern health science has known for some time that the heart and the brain “talk to” each other–and recently, it has learned that it is the heart, not the brain, that does the majority of the “talking”. The human heart vibrates physically as its expression of spiritual reverberations. Sound vibrations resonate in the heart, engendering sensations, emotions, and visions, while different frequencies and harmonic patterns activate the chakras and nervous system in […]

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19th Annual ISSSEEM Conference to have Richard Bartlett to Discuss the Physics of Miracles: Connecting to the Quantum Field

For Immediate Release

19th Annual ISSSEEM Conference to have Richard Bartlett to Discuss the Physics of Miracles: Connecting to the Quantum Field

ISSSEEM or the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine will hold their 19th annual conference June 26th through July 1st at the Westin in Westminster, Colorado.

June 10, 2009 – Westminster, Colorado – Health professionals will be interested in attending the 19th annual ISSSEEM Conference that will begin with a research day. The presentation will be the recent research projects that have been in the works and a lecture by William Tiller on Why CAM and Energy Medicine Have a Very Different Science Foundation than Orthodox Medicine.

Based on the belief that the heart is in control of all aspects of our being from healing to emotional and spiritual processes, the six day conference will feature 20 elective choices from experts in the field of healing medicines. ISSSEEM is an organization involving the study of therapeutic and medical uses of subtle energies as well as the study of basic sciences.

Founded in 1989, the society is a non-profit based in Arvada, Colorado with 1450 members. Using education, training and research one of the purposes of ISSSEEM is to attempt to educate the public on the benefits of subtle energy to improve health. Through the membership services, ISSSEEM hopes to benefit health professionals by providing the opportunities for exchange of information as well as networking.

Dr. Richard Bartlett, D.C., N.D. will be a featured speaker on June 28th at 10:00 a.m. He and his staff will deliver a powerful introduction to the physics of miracles. Matrix Energetics will be the focus – exploring the transformation and healing that is based on […]

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The Living Matrix – ISSSEEM Conference Schedule.

The Living Matrix, will be played at the 2009 ISSSEEM conference this year (see previous post).  This internationally acclaimed film is making it’s appearance in Colorado after much negotiation and can only be seen at this conference, and it is part of a larger program.

The program details and times are as follows:

Program Elements and Times
The Body Talk System Presentation – 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.
Dr. John Veltheim is the Founder of the International BodyTalk Association. His training background includes chiropractic, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, applied kinesiology, martial arts, sports medicine, osteopathy, comparative philosophy and theology. He developed the BodyTalk System in the mid-nineties and continues to expand its breadth and scope. He is at the fore of bringing quantum scientific principles to bear on the theory and practice of energy medicine. Dr. Veltheim’s latest book, BodyTalk Access: A new path to family and community health, describes the BodyTalk Access program, which brings some of the most powerful BodyTalk techniques to the public and to communities around the world where affordable healthcare is not available.
The Body Talk System is a holistic therapy based on the principle that the body is capable of healing itself at all levels as part of the body’s inborn intelligence, or the “innate wisdom.”  It is supported by the The International BodyTalk Foundation (IBF) is a US non-profit 501(c)(3) private foundation for research and development of the BodyTalk System and the education of the healthcare community and the general public.

The Global Coherence Initiative, A Film Short – 7:00 to 7:15
The short film on the Global Coherence Initiative explores the science-based initiative that is uniting millions of people in heart-focused care and intention, to shift global consciousness from instability and discord to […]

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The Living Matrix Added to Denver Area’s 2009 ISSSEEM Conference

Film Reveals Scientific Evidence that Validates Bioenergetic Medicine,
Challenges Exclusive Role of Genetics in Human Biology

Westminster, CO, May 2009 – Alternative health care communities in the surrounding Denver areas will have an exclusive opportunity to view a new documentary that questions the singular role of genetics in human biology and asserts energy and information are the controlling factors of health. The Living Matrix has sold out at all of its preliminary screenings, resulting in a heavy demand for DVD copies, according to first-time filmmakers who made special arrangements for the Colorado premiere after planners of Westminster’s ISSSEEM conference opened a slot on their program to highlight the film.
Open to the public as part of the post-conference program June 29, The Living Matrix will follow a one-hour discussion on the language of healing led by Dr. John Veltheim, founder of The BodyTalk System. The BodyTalk system is based on the quantum paradigm that everything is energy, which is consciousness. A short film on The Global Coherence Initiative will precede the screening, and a Q-and-A session with scientists interviewed in the film, Dr. Rollin McCraty of The Global Coherence Initiative and Dr. James Oschman, biologist and author, will follow. Conference planners expecting another sell-out crowd recommend advanced reservations for the event at or by calling 415-454-9134, ext. 205.
“The Denver-Boulder area is one of the most active alternative health care communities in North America,” said The Living Matrix director Greg Becker, and we expect a discerning but enthusiastic reception that will help bolster our film’s message of hope and healing. We want The Living Matrix to inspire a movement that will take the science of bioenergetic medicine into the mainstream conversation about how to get well and […]

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ISSSEEM Conference in Denver Colorado for 2009

This year in Westminister, a Denver metro area city will be hosting the ISSSEEM conference this year.  The dates will be June 26th to July 1st.  The lineup is incredible and includes famous leaders in the energy medicine field such as Deepak Chopra and Richard Bartlett.

Other presenters at the conference include Lynne McTaggart, Mae Wan Ho, Steve Levin, Rustum Roy, Karl Maret and Puran & Susanna Bair.  The topics are quite varied and are delivered through special events, conference workshops, lectures, conference sessions, experiential sessions, elective sessions, post conference workshops and some other activities as well.

There will be some cutting edge topics covered in this conference and new information in the subtle energies and energy medicine field.  Some of the information that will be covered is covered for the first time at this conference.  This is a must attend for any practitioner in the holistic, or alternative field.

Find out more about this conference here:  Subtle Energy Conference


Check out the The Choice Is Mine, available in the conference Bookstore.

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Amazing New Transformational Opportunity For Job Seekers and Professionals

The creator of The Choice Is Mine is giving a 1 day class on March 28th for those of you who are job seekers or professionals and want to break out of the cycle of ‘struggle’.  This class is great for those who are stuck in the middle of jobs currently.

What I have noticed is that when people are in the middle of jobs, not at their own conscious choosing, it is like you are reaching for anything that comes along because you feel you have to do something, anything now!  You can’t take the time to figure out what it is that you really love.

I remember watching Donald Trump get interviewed on a number of occasions and he always without fail has said the same thing over and over again.  “Do what you love”.

I am finding the importance of that because when you are doing what you love, everything else falls into place.  When you are doing what you love, you will be in the space and mindset to allow your creativity come in and give you the solutions you need to be able to live the life you love.

The thing is getting into that space cannot be done from a place of fear.  If you are worried about what will happen to you and don’t feel you can do anything to change it, you will need some support from  outside of yourself that can help move you from hopelessness and into empowerment.

This concept is also the same for those who are in a job or profession that they feel is slowly sucking the life out of them but feel that they are stuck because “in this economy, they are lucky to have […]

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Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick!

Here is a New Year’s Resolution…. All my New Year’s Resolutions are going to stick this year! How is that for a resolution? So what is the cause that so many of our resolutions don’t stick? We are approaching it from the outside in instead of the inside out. What the heck does that mean?

Say our resolution is to double our income on the Internet. If our belief system is such that we limit ourselves to only a certain level of success, then it doesn’t matter how hard or long we work, we will only be able to give ourselves so much success.

So HOW do we discover these beliefs? How do we see the grains of sand in the engine that while they are incredibly small, they create a huge effect in the performance of the engine. It’s not the big stuff that trips us up… It’s the little stuff. The things so small and so subtle that you don’t even know they are actually pushing away what you want to create. HOW do we become aware of these thoughts and beliefs so we can turn them around and actually create lasting change?

There is a new ebook available called Illusion that really gives the reader a great insight on what we do to keep ourselves back. The thing is that most of the stuff we do we think is absolutely normal in our lives, but it really isn’t. Struggle and strife really aren’t a part of life when we become clear in our beliefs, thoughts, words and actions. This ebook describes exactly HOW we can tell when we are holding ourselves back […]

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The Choice Is Mine Course The Ultimate BREAKTHROUGH Beta Study Enrichment Program

There is some great, great news.  There is a unique one of a kind beta study training that is being offered.  First, let me tell you about the training.  There is only enough room for 60 people to participate in this revolutionary training that will absolutely turn the personal growth industry on it’s head.  This specialized training, developed by Veronique, will absolutely do to personal growth, what the Internet has done to the way we communicate.  It is also like the Internet was in the early days.  You had to experience the Internet to truly understand what it could do…. and even then, you didn’t understand it all.  You just knew it worked, and you used it.

The Choice Is Mine is a personal transformation system that works the same way.  It just works when you use it.  You don’t have to understand it, or learn anything complicated, or even look at yourself as having done anything ‘wrong’.  All you have to do is read, that’s it, and you will move faster in your growth than you could have ever imagined.

Starting on Jan 12th, there will be a 4 month training class that will be given to those who have purchased The Choice Is Mine for only $65.  That is $2240 worth of training for only $65!  This class will allow you to move even faster than just using the course because you will be working directly with Veronique.  If you want to take the class, all you have to do in order to be eligible is to purchase a course for yourself, which you can do when you purchase the training.

These spots will go fast because if you are looking for something to keep […]

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Creator of the Next Generation of Personal Development Asked To Present The Choice Is Mine To The Dalai Lama In a Private Audience In India

Veronique, the creator of the powerful 2-volume course THE CHOICE IS MINE has been asked to present her course to the Dalai Lama in a private audience in India this month.  A course that was 18 years in the making is finally having its ‘coming out’ debut.   “All of these years I have spent interviewing, working with and observing people to discover what it is that they do that keeps them in loss, lack and struggle has now come to fruition” said Veronique, the creator of the material.  “I have been able to not only discover, but also teach the subtleties that will allow people to shift quickly from struggle into abundance, and have been able to communicate these subtleties in a grounded and balanced way.  Anyone, at any age, and from all walks of life can use this course to improve their life situation no matter where they are starting from.  All they need is to be willing.  I am so excited to be able to present this to the Dalai Lama because it is now the time for this material to become available to the rest of the world.”

This course is one of the first HOW-TO guides to support the individual being able to create the life they love because it goes beyond giving them the WHAT to do.  This is not a course that is read once and put away.  It is a lifetime companion that anyone can come back to over and over again, which is like a one-time investment that keeps on giving.  “The way the course is structured, allows people to very quickly get to the core of what is holding them back and keeping them down.  We […]

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