How many times have you heard someone say “I am always sabotaging myself!”  Not only have I heard it many times from others, but I have also said it myself.  That was until I was exposed to a powerful new way of thinking that allowed me to see the huge illusion of that whole way of thinking.  There really is no such thing as self-sabotage.

The definition of sabotage from the dictionary is:  “Any undermining of a cause, or priority”.  So the definition of self-sabotage would be, “Any undermining of your own cause or priority.”  For the purpose of this article, we will talk about our highest priority in the moment.  Another concept will need to be mentioned before I bring this all home.  This concept is that in each and every moment, we are always creating and experiencing our highest priority.  Each and every moment is a manifestation of what we subconsciously want to create in our lives whether we are aware of this or not.

You may say “Hey, wait a minute, I just had a horrible, terrible experience in my life, so why on earth would I even want to create that in my life?”  I am not minimizing the scope or the intensity of your experience in any way.  I am sharing that experience created an end result.  Without judging the experience or the end result, ask yourself what did you receive from that experience?  We all have experiences in our lives in order to receive something.  It may not be obvious in the moment, but we did receive something.  And in that moment and time of the experience, you’re highest priority was to receive what the experience created for you to receive.  The importance in viewing the experience without judging it is to allow yourself to receive what the experience brought you, because you cannot receive when you are being conditional (judging).

This brings us back to the point of why self-sabotage is not real.  No matter what you may consciously say you want, in each and every moment, you are supporting your highest priority.  If you ever wonder why you can never keep a relationship, or hold a job, or keep out of debt, there is something that you are receiving out of the experience of not being in a lasting relationship, or having a job, or not having money.  You may consciously want something different, however, as many personal growth experts share,  your subconscious creates 90% of your experiences, so if your subconscious has it’s own agenda, then it will win out in terms of the kinds of experiences that you have.  If your subconscious mind believes that if you have a lot of money, you will be unhappy because people will ignore you, then your subconscious will create the reality of you not having a lot of, or any money.    All of your habits, words, thoughts and actions will support your subconscious beliefs and you will just naturally do things that will create a lack of money in your life.

Self sabotage is an illusion because at each and every moment, you are supporting your highest priority.  If your highest priority isn’t supporting you in living what you love, you will need to determine what you are getting out of the way you are experiencing life in the moment and decide if it is supporting you living the life you love.  If it isn’t, instead of focusing on stopping the ‘self-sabotage’, focus on re-aligning your subconscious belief so that it supports you in living the life you love.

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