A Personal journey that we can relate to – into the understanding of how we hold ourselves back from having the life we want.

Life is about creating our desires and enjoying what we have created.  It’s not about struggle, pain, lack, illness, judgement and blame.  That may seem so outside of your experiences, and most everyone that you know that the concept of actually living a life of grace, ease and abundance seems like a complete fairy tale.

The power of this audio is in the author’s detailed description of her start as someone who dealt with struggle in her life and the frustration of seemingly repeating patterns over and over again into the realization of what she was doing to herself that kept her in those patterns of struggle.

In this audio, she shares a wisdom that came from within which showed her the way out of those debilitating patterns and how to change them so she was able to free herself and begin living the life she always dreamed of…

This audio product comes in 5 tracks of over 2 1/2 hours of 3 CD length files.  the 1st 2 CD’s are the story of her journey and discovery and inspired the personal development system The Choice Is Mine.  The 2nd CD is a powerful instrumental that relaxes the mind and puts one into a space of temporarily releasing the stresses and worries of the day while the specially arranged tones soothe and nourish the soul.

This is a product you will want to listen to over and over again because of the layers of insight and wisdom it imparts.  It’s something that you can begin to use in your everyday life to turn the wisdom into knowledge where it can become a part of you.  Every time I listen to this product, I hear and understand something new that I didn’t hear and understand before.

Unconditional Allowance is about a new way of looking at life that opens you up to begin enjoying life and your life’s experiences because you have the tools to know what to do when different ‘challenges’ come up.  You are able to use these challenges to empower you into having what you desire in your life, instead of looking at these challenges as problems that disempower you.  If you can do this one thing of looking at challenges that come into your life differently, you will see changes in your life that will make your life seem easier to live.

The thing I liked about this audio was that it allowed me to see things differently in a way that made it easier to see just what I was doing in my own life, and what I could do to change it.  The repeated listening reinforces the what I can do to make the lasting changes.

All in all, as a personal development resource, I would say it is something you want in your life’s toolkit.

Veronique: Unconditional Allowance