This ebook hooked me right from the start.  While it is short and sweet, the wisdom it contains is so deep that it is something the you read over and over again, and each time you reread it, you have a new experience. The first key in really taking it all in is to not have any pre-conceived ideas of what it may be about.  Just keep yourself open to the words flowing on the page and pay attention to how they make you feel, or what thoughts come up in your head as you read the ebook.

The biggest thing I got out of this ebook was the way it got me to view things differently.  It talked about the importance of being unconditional with self and others and how that relates to love.  Most of us think love is something that someone else gives to us, however this ebook shows us that love is something we can choose to be because it is already existing inside of us and isn’t something we require outside of ourselves or from someone else.  It is really interesting because all of those romance and love stories where one person says to the other “if you love me you would…..”  Well that is not really love, it is either addiction, or control and manipulation which is born out of fear.  According to this book, for it to be love, the one person would say to the other person, “I love you enough for you to be you, and I love me enough for me to be me. I have trust and faith that if it was meant for us to be together, we will, an if not, I have trust and faith that the person that can fulfill the requirements in a relationship that supports me an allows me to soar in that relationship will come to me.”  This is a very different way of thinking than what we were taught, grew up with and see in the movies.

Download this personal development kindle ebook and you can see for yourself!