Radio Podcast

Knowing Your True Self

This radio session, Veronique has a guest spot where she discusses the responsibility of being your true self as well as the joy of knowing your true self. Listen in to this episode of the podcast and discover another key of remembering your love. To get this knowledge for yourself, you can go to The Choice Is Mine and begin your personal transformation today.

Self Esteem vs. The Esteemed Self

If we to choose to separate and divide ourselves and our consciousness with such words as ‘high self esteem’ and ‘low self esteem’ and we continue to choose to layer ourselves with these types of words in an effort to identify ourselves to seek, to find or discover worth outside of ourselves, then this is only going to continue the separation of self with confusion.  And in confusion it’s hard to remember that your worth comes from unconditionally and responsibly being yourself.  Listen to the podcast for more on how using the very terms themselves self esteem vs the esteemed self, can have an impact on how we live our lives.

How To Thrive In Today’s Economy

This last episode dealing with the ego goes into bringing it back into balance and how a balanced ego can allow us to thrive in todays economy. No matter what is going on, a balanced ego will allow us to weather the storm of any economic troubles that may be occurring in the moment.


The Ego – How Viewing It Differently Can Change Your Life

This radio show focuses on real life experiences of what happens when people choose to accept the Ego as a part of them and how viewing the ego differently can affect their life. A small change in perception can have a huge change in lifestyle. Listen on for more..

Bringing The Ego Back Into Balance

This episode is a special guest episode from another radio show on kvsp. Listen on as you discover the importance of bringing the ego back into balance and how it can bring us back into well being.

How Our View of the Ego Affects Our Happiness

The way we view the ego certainly has an effect on our level of happiness. This podcast will cover the delicate balance our ego has with the rest of our self and how the way we view the ego affects our level of self love. Discover how a simple change in the way we view the ego can make profound changes in our lives.

A New Concept Of The Ego – An Introduction

Join us on this podcast as we introduce you to a new concept of the ego and how it affects your life. You will learn some amazing concepts that will really make a difference in how you view yourself!