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Our Beliefs and How They Affect Us and Others

In this radio episode with guest host B. Hopkins, the subject is about how our beliefs shape us and what effect they have on our lives, and this is done through a very interesting example that was the result of an experiment done by scientists to a group of monkeys.  This example is easily seen in our own lives.

Listen in to this interesting episode.

Remember, there are no life lessons – Personal Development Tip

In this podcast entry, Veronique is a guest speaker on KVSP radio where she discusses the concept of having no life lessons. This is a huge personal development tip because if you understand this concept, then you can get off of the gerbil wheel of life lesson after life lesson after life lesson…. Just remember what you already know, and don’t judge what is happening to you by what you THINK it is. Get all the facts first before you decide what is happening. Listen to the podcast for more info.

Your Perception Of Love and Beyond

In this radio show, the perception of love is always supported.  This show talks about what you can do when you go beyond your perception of love and how you can stay conscious of it so that it doesn’t take you in the direction that you want to go.  You are constantly supporting your perception of love, so it actually takes less mental energy to alter your perception of love than it does to constantly resist ‘sabotaging’ yourself.  Listen in for more powerful, powerful insights.

Want To Manifest Powerfully? Understand Your Perception of Love

In this radio episode, we have a guest author on the show Deborah Gano, who is the author of Beauty’s Secret.  She talks about how she had been struggling to get her book published until she discovered what her perception of love is.  Once she became conscious of how she was motivated by love, she was able to move past what was blocking her and get her book published.  Not only that, but she was able to receive endorsements from some very popular and well known public figures.  Listen in to find out how she discovered what her perception of love was, how she overcame it, and just who endorsed her book!

Using Your Intuition – The Subtlety of Manifesting Your Dreams

In this episode of the show, we cover the subtleties that we overlook when we are using the law of attraction and how these subtleties really make the difference if we want to manifest quickly.  In this episode, we cover the intuition and the role it plays in being able to live a life of grace, ease and abundance.

Radio Show Episode – Connecting With Your Intuition, and the Power of Your Intuition

This radio show covers another of the powerful keys that turn conditional thoughts into unconditional thoughts. “Remember What I Have Forgotten Within Myself and I Have No Life Lessons”. This key is about getting back to allowing your intuition to guide you instead of your mind. Our mind was never supposed to figure out how we should live to get what it is that we want. It is our intuition that allows us to go through life through grace, ease and abundance.

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Our Perception Of Love – The Spice That Flavors Our Life

This weeks radio show blog is a powerful one in the sense that it gives you the basic understanding of what it is that makes us tick….  How we perceive our world.  The perception of love is our belief of what we need to do in order to give or receive love, however untrue it is, this is what causes us to operate in the way that we operate.  It is very powerful and can explain why some people seem to easily allow abundance into their lives while others struggle endlessly.  The good news is that you can break free of your perception of love and learn to live differently!  Listen in on the show for more!

What is keeping you from having what you want!

In this radio podcast, we discuss the answer to the question:

I have read all of the books, listened to all the gurus and done all of the affirmations and incantations in the world and I have only experienced small changes in my life, not the quantum leap I was  looking for.  I don’t feel like I am blocking myself, but I must be blocking myself because there is really no other reason… The question is, How do I go about finding out why I can’t attract my desired life?

This is a very eye opening answer and one that will get you thinking differently.

Personal Growth and Life Lessons

Our own personal growth process is really a case of remembering what we have forgotten.  We have convinced ourselves that this process is really about learning from experiences we have in our lives, that we call  ‘life lessons’.  These ‘life lessons’ are really experiences that help us to remember what we already ‘know’.  The more we allow ourselves to remember what we already know, the less we will have the need to create these ‘life lessons’.   Listen to this radio show that goes into much more detail.

Beginning At Our Core

The next episode of The Choice Is Mine radio show talks about beginning at our core. This is where the personal journey begins. We cannot have an outside fix to an inside problem. It’s about finding the love that we have within ourselves and reconnecting ourselves with that love. You will also learn how our perception of love keeps us from that.