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Personal Development Tip – Progress Instead Of Process

It is easy to lose ourselves in the spinning gerbil wheel of processing when it comes to our personal development. Processing just keeps us in the same place and we don’t tend to move forward. The difference between processing and progressing is in the questions we ask. Progressing takes us to a space of clarity and to that next step. How do we know the difference? Its in the feeling! Listen in to the podcast and you will get some very powerful clues as to how you can know the difference for yourself.

Here is a very effective tool that helps you out of processing and into progressing  

You can permanently make changes when you solve issues from the inside

When you come from the inside, you can make changes in your life that will be permanent. When you look for an outside fix, you will consistently repeat the same thing over and over again. This episode of the radio podcast really comes from where to focus your changes, and the importance of becoming aware of what you are currently experiencing. Listen in and get some great insight about what you can do to begin becoming aware of what is going on internally.

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Being Your Authentic Self

In this radio episode, we answer a question from Jim, about does he need to mimic the prospect to get the prospect to feel more comfortable with him. Being your authentic self will actually allow the client to feel more comfortable with you because they sense you are coming from your truth. Listen in to understand the subtleties of being our authentic self.

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Stress and How to Deal With It…. It’s Simpler Than You Might Think

In this radio episode, we have our guest Emily ask how to deal with stress. The answer is quite basic. It is in the way you view your situation and how you choose to experience it. However, the difference is not only in knowing this, but in living it. Nothing can be changed when it remains on an intellectual level. It is only changed when it is a part of you as breathing is a part of you. Listen in for some powerful insights…

Warning, these are only insights, you must ground them with clear and concise action in order to make a difference.

Reduce Your Stress With These Powerful Tools

Teleseminar Reminder Plus You Receive What You Manifest

New Post today. Hello everyone! I just want to remind you of a teleseminar we are having on the tools in The Choice Is Mine that assist you in taking the concepts of what you know you need to do to reach your goals abundantly, and making them an innate part of you so you do them automatically.

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On to the radio show.

This radio show was very exciting because we discussed how we never really do anything that we don’t in some way or somehow, get something out of. This insight is shared through the answering of a question asked by a listener about getting dragged into their roommates dramas, and how can they avoid them. If you see yourself in this question in any way, shape or form, then this is the program for you.

How to Stop Feeling Sad And New Radio Show Format

Due to the overwhelming response we are getting with our radio show, we are changing the format to include YOU the listener!  We are now going to have guests on the show to get their own personal mini-coaching session with Veronique.  If you want a chance to have your own mini-coaching session (not full blown in any-way) you can sign up here to get your mini-coaching session.

On this show, I ask some of the questions that listeners have submitted, and are the answers ever insightful!  One of the 3 questions that was answered is ‘How to stop feeling sad’.  Listen in to this answer… it may surprise you!

Change your mind change your life – Choose your experiences.

In the vein of change your mind, change your life, this podcast episode explains that even when we have an experience that we may think is annoying, or a hassle, the way we choose to experience the situation will affect the outcome of the situation. The situation can end in great discord and upset if you are being conditional with what you are experiencing, or the situation can end in ease if you choose to experience your situation unconditionally. Even the way in which the situation may occur will depend upon how you are currently being in the world, conditional or unconditional. This powerful concept certainly makes a difference in how you allow things to come to you…. Through loss, lack and illness, or through grace, ease and abundance. Listen in to this great episode to get more info.

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Law of attraction on streroids – you experience your beliefs

Your experiences are a manifestation of your beliefs.  That is why if there are 10 people experiencing a situation, there are 10 different experiences of that situation.  The power of this insight is that we are no longer at the mercy of some random force for how we can live our lives.  This insight now puts us back in the driver’s seat.  We are the one’s we’ve been waiting for.  Lets claim our lives and live them through what it is that we love.  Listen in to this episode as this insight is discussed.

How To Manifest Quickly and Powerfully

The way to manifest quickly and powerfully is to be unconditionally responsible for your actions and your experiences.  When you do this, you place the source of how to change things from external random forces squarely onto yourself.  This powerful and subtle shift will actually give you the power to change what it is that you want in your life because you are placing yourself behind the wheel.  To move into this mindset of being unconditionally responsible, you can use tools that will support you very effectively in this mindset.  These tools are mentioned in this post about the 12 keys.

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How to Create the Life You Love – Through Unconditional Responsibility

You don’t have to be a captive to your external experiences, the economy, your finances… etc. Your subconscious mind creates what you experience. Your understanding of your subconscious beliefs is what will allow you to change your life to what you want. State what you require and continually support your requirements through your words, thoughts and actions. How to support yourself in the moment so you can diffuse negative thoughts and emotions permanently.