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The Subtleties and How They Hold Us Back And Keep Us Down

I have to catch up on posting the shows here.  I’ll do double time this week.  This show is about how the subtleties hold us back and keep us down.  It’s not about the big things that knock us on our butt.  It’s about the small things that are so subtle, that we have NO idea that the are even affecting us.  This is what makes the difference between creating and creating powerfully and quickly what it is that we want, or love in our lives.  It’s the subtle judgments that we have with ourselves that create a huge difference in what we create in our lives.  How do you know when you have a subtle judgment?  If there is any kind of resistance to looking and communicating the truth in any way, then you have a subtle judgment.  The truth WILL set you  free.  Free of loss, lack, illness and struggle.

Listen in for a powerful show.

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So You’re In Illusion? How Do You Get Out Of It?

This week’s episode of the radio show talks about how the tools you can use to get you out of illusion. One important tool is taking action. Take an action that will keep you in the reality of what is actually occurring and not what you THINK is occurring because you are projecting your beliefs onto the situation.

The Art of Connecting and Illusion

This week’s show is really from last week and we are catching up.  In this show, Veronique talks about how we enter into illusion when we are dealing with another individual.  This show has some very powerful tips about how to tell when you are in illusion when you are interacting with others and how to bring yourself out of the illusion.  You will be able to interact with people on a more empowered level.

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How Do You Use The Gift Of You?

This exciting show is a continuation of the art of connecting, with the added dimension of adding the gift of you.  We all have a gift that we came to share through the world and we are always using that gift in either one of two ways.  The way we choose to use that gift is the will determine how our lives will be.  Will we live a life full of illness, financial struggles, rough relationships… or not?  Understand we have a choice in how we choose to live our lives.  If we don’t know HOW to choose differently then…  well listen in to find out the HOW.

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Personal Responsibility and Your Role in Society

This powerful radio show discusses an additional component to the art of connecting.  This component is personal responsibility and the importance of being the power of who you are.  When you are in the power of who you are, you have the ability to affect your world because no one else can do it for us.  Listen into this insightful show and get a deeper understanding of this subject.

The Art of Connecting – A Deeper Understanding

Here is the follow up from last weeks show. In this episode, Veronique continues the conversation on the art of connecting.

Asking questions – Understand the situation by asking questions instead of assuming.

Finding a common ground – what topics do you have in common?
continue to nurture the commonness between you, because we all passion the same thing really.

Complement – we do more for those who appreciate us.
We should realize that everyone wants to have results and to do the best they can do. The best way they can be supported is to allow them to be responsible for what they are responsible for. Hold them to their word. Not only is this applicable to the other person but it is applicable to yourself as well and as such, includes self talk.

So don’t berate yourself, however just allow yourself to be accountable.

Listen to the show and get more detail on these concepts. When you are done, go to The Choice Is Mine and invest in a copy for yourself. You will receive even more insights from these shows.

Grounding The Insights We Receive

In the first part of this multi part episode, Veronique discusses the importance of moving beyond the A-HA moments that we have.  When we discover something about ourselves, it’s not enough to just become aware of it, although that is an important part.  If we don’t ground something different into our psyche, we will continue to swirl around the ah ha’s again and again, and we wonder why we never continue to move forward.

Listen into this powerful episode on how we can ground these a ha moments into our lives.

Eliminating The Barriers To Your Achievement

In this episode of the show, we discuss what the barriers to acheivement are and how to eliminate them. The barriers to overcome, or making sure you have in place so they don’t become barriers include:

1) matching authority to responsibility

2) being decisive

3) being a resource provider

It doesn’t matter how big or small your goals are, you won’t be able to achieve them when you have these barriers in place. Listen in for how you can overcome these barriers.

How To Manage Our Time – Part 1 of the TCIM Radio Show

This episode of the show focuses on how we can avoid drowing in a sea of lost time.   I is all in our perception of things and how we choose to create based on what we believe and what we keep saying to ourselves.  Listen in to this weeks radio episode where you will get some great insights on how to create more time for yourself to do what it is that you love.

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Personal Development Tip – The Importance of Being Uncondional

When you are unconditional with yourself, you can experience conditions that seem horrific and depressing without being dragged into emotionally.  It doesn’t mean that you don’t see the situation as being horrific, it just means that you can see the situation as terrible as it may seem without being dragged down emotionally and mentally into the situation.  In this weeks radio podcast, we have a guest calling from the field in the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav discussing the trials and tribulations of the animal rescue people and how they are greatly affected emotionally, physically and spiritually by their jobs.  Some even resort to suicide as the answer to dealing with their situation.  On this call, the guest got an answer to her question that she didn’t think could get an answer to.  She also received 2 very powerful keys that gave her instant relief to some of the emotional costs of her job.

A very powerful episode!

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