I had a conversation with someone earlier today about living our lives and some of the things that we have experienced in our past. One of the things that she was stating was that the reason why she was struggling for the past 5 years was because she wasn’t living her life. It was a struggle for her because she had to spend so much time in her head trying to figure out the things she needed to do to live a life that wasn’t hers. That got me to thinking…. Am I living my life? I then asked myself, if there was no societal or parental pressure, what would I be doing with my life? I had to answer truthfully, that it wouldn’t be what I am doing now. I realized that is why I am struggling in my life is because I am also spending a lot of time in my head trying to “figure it out”.  The things that come easily, naturally and joyfully to me aren’t the things I am doing to make a living, or expressing myself.  Because I can pick up things quickly, and my IQ is on the high side of average, I am able to make it work.  And for me, I think  that was the thing that took it so long for me to realize that I wasn’t living my life, because I was making what I had “work”.

That is the crux of things.  Is what you are doing now making the life you are living “work”? You are able to be somewhat successful, but you have to put a lot of effort into it.  You have fallen for that old puritan fable of “you have to work hard in order to get anywhere in life”.  With that belief, it’s no wonder why the majority of us are not living the lives we are supposed to be living.  We believe things are supposed to be difficult and a struggle, and we have fallen into the “comfort zone” of what we are supposed to do instead of stepping outside of that “comfort zone” and turning away from what we are told we should be doing and living our joy instead.

This is one of the reasons why most of the Law of Attraction, and Manifestation books and courses tell us why the emotion is so important, especially being in the joy of loving what you do is so important to create the life you want.  If you are not in the joy of what you are doing, then you are not living your life, but you are living another’s life.  By living another’s life, the energy that you could put into creating the life you want is not going into creating the life you want, but struggling to “figure it out”.

It’s like your in-born method of transportation is a plane, but you don’t use one because someone told you you should use a car to get to your destination, and so you use a car to get to where you want to go.  Since you don’t know how to drive a car, you do the best you can and you put the car in neutral and push it towards your destination.   Maybe one day, someone comes along and tells you about releasing the emergency brake… Ok, makes it easier.  Then later someone comes along and tells you about starting the engine and pressing on the gas.  Then later someone shows you how to steer, then use the brakes…. etc.  This is all if you are aware and open enough to allow someone else to instruct you.  Meanwhile, those that are using their natural talents to fly the plane are probably at their destination already, and boy did they have a fun time looking at the scenery and enjoying the trip because they just knew how to fly that plane!

This also brings me to the point of personal development or self improvement material.  I have read a lot of these types of books and taken many courses of all types in the past and the ones that I have taken that have given me the complete structure of this is how I do it, where the ones that were the least successful for me.  Am I trying to live someone else’s life in this case as well?  What worked for them may not work for me.  The courses that gave me the building block tools, and then a system for HOW I can use them in my own way that is most supportive of me, were the courses that I had the most success with.  Usually these types of courses incorporate using your own intuition as that is what is the best guidance system in determining  how it works best for you.

Please share your feedback on any experiences you’ve had.

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