I was recently on a forum where someone was asking about karma and what is it exactly.  They gave an example of person A taking $5 from them and then they took $5 from person B, how does that work in the karmic bank so to speak.  Karma is a very interesting subject that can be quite confusion.  First Karma is not about keeping a balance sheet.  It is a pact we make with ourselves to show us when we are creating from love or creating from fear.  This is a great excerpt from the personal development course The Choice Is Mine that describes it in wonderfully.

“….What I have discovered over time is, Karma/dharma is really
you. You holding you back until you choose to look at and experience
life by being love instead of being fear-conditional. Until
you get that, you will continue to repeat, fear-based conditional
experiences as you hold yourself back repeating what you choose
to repeat until you allow love to be your guide instead of attempting
to control and manipulate your experiences through
conditional fear-based choices. ….”

This makes sense when you look at how some people can do the same thing and have very different outcomes.  It is  because karma takes into account the intent of the action.  If the intent is fear based, you will experience karma through loss, lack and illness.  If the intent was based on love, you will experience karma through grace, ease and abundance.

So what about the case of what happened to Jesus Christ?  The Choice Is Mine can explain it much better than I could.