In last night’s teleseminar, we had a question that basically said “what is keeping me from having what I want even though I am doing all of the things the books tell me to do, such as affirmations, positive thoughts, etc.?”

That is was a powerful question for me because I have myself wanted to achieve something and went through all of the  usual “excercises” and I didn’t receive anything that I had “written down”.  So I knew something else was at work, I just didn’t know what it was.

The call went over a few concepts that keep us from having what we want that were very powerful.  The first one was to look at what you currently have.  If you are currently getting something out of the situation and you have what you want, then your subconscious mind doesn’t support you because it sees you as already having what you ask for.  We are always living our highest priority subconsciously, so if we have obtained a goal, then it is up to us to change that goal at our subconscious level so we can allow our subconscious to work for us.

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Another concept that we discussed that could keep us from having what we want was “do we passion what it is that we want?”  Is emotion involved or is it purely an intellectual exercise?  You cannot create on intellectual thought alone, it must be fueled by passion.  Passion is the ingredient that brings our dreams to life, and it is the gateway to opening ourselves up to live our lives in joy as we experience our journey in each and every moment.  It is the journey that is the key to receiving what we want, not the waiting for the end result.

There was much more that was said, this is just a recap…

Maybe we’ll catch you on the next call!