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Personal Development Tip – The Meaning of Can’t

What does can’t really mean? Can’t is actually not found in the dictionary, but it is used in our language on a daily basis. How many times do you use the word can’t? How many times do you say can’t during the day? When do you say it? Why do you say it? When you think about it, ‘can’t’ is a very safe word that keeps us in our comfort zone. When we say ‘can’t’ we are saying “doing this will take me out of my comfort zone and I am not willing to step outside of my comfort zone at this time.” It is a subtle, yet very powerful way that shapes our lives and keeps us in the illusion that we are not responsible for the outcome of our lives. Listen to this recording of the word can’t and what it means.

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The Subtleties of Our Intuiton

I attended a teleseminar the other day, and it was basically about the intuition and how it is really the guidance system we should be paying attention to, and not our mind.  The subtle understanding of the intuition is that it is completely unconditional.  As a result, following our intuition will never lead us to experience loss, lack or illness because when we make decisions and live from an unconditional mindset, or beingness, we are not pushing away abundance by living through fear.   The simple physics of it is that no two things can occupy the same place at the same time, so we are either being unconditional in the moment or conditional in the moment.

One of the things that was mentioned on the teleseminar is that sometimes people feel that they have followed their intuition and it got them into trouble.  The presenter explained that if whatever feeling you followed, you ended up with some sort of loss or struggle, then it wasn’t your intuition, but some conditional based feeling that you were following.  The intuition doesn’t come from an emotional place, so if you are experiencing any kind of emotional jolt with whatever feeling comes up, then you can pretty much bet that it isn’t your intuition.  That is a pretty powerful subtlety that makes all of the difference in the world when it comes to knowing when it is your intuition and when it isn’t.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  To go much deeper, it is explained much better in TCIM.

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What Is Karma and How Does Karma Fit Into My Life?

I was recently on a forum where someone was asking about karma and what is it exactly.  They gave an example of person A taking $5 from them and then they took $5 from person B, how does that work in the karmic bank so to speak.  Karma is a very interesting subject that can be quite confusion.  First Karma is not about keeping a balance sheet.  It is a pact we make with ourselves to show us when we are creating from love or creating from fear.  This is a great excerpt from the personal development course The Choice Is Mine that describes it in wonderfully.

“….What I have discovered over time is, Karma/dharma is really
you. You holding you back until you choose to look at and experience
life by being love instead of being fear-conditional. Until
you get that, you will continue to repeat, fear-based conditional
experiences as you hold yourself back repeating what you choose
to repeat until you allow love to be your guide instead of attempting
to control and manipulate your experiences through
conditional fear-based choices. ….”

This makes sense when you look at how some people can do the same thing and have very different outcomes.  It is  because karma takes into account the intent of the action.  If the intent is fear based, you will experience karma through loss, lack and illness.  If the intent was based on love, you will experience karma through grace, ease and abundance.

So what about the case of what happened to Jesus Christ?  The Choice Is Mine can explain it much better than I could.

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Accelerated Personal Development… Just Remember What We Have Forgotten

We feel we need to go through lesson after lesson after life lesson in order to grow, or to gain insights so we can become more conscious.  Each lesson takes us closer to the insights that we feel we need to learn to get to that next step.  However, we have forgotten that we already have all of that insight, and knowledge within us already.  It isn’t a matter of going through lesson after lesson.  It is just a matter  of allowing ourselves to remember what it is that we have forgotten.  We don’t require life lessons when all we need to do is allow our intuition to come online and connect us with that inner knowledge.

The energy it takes to allow is much lower than the energy to learn, especially if it is done through going through experience after experience after experience.

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The #1 Most Common Goof In Personal Development Is Trying To Get Rid Of Your Ego

One consistent and popular theme concerning the Ego is it is
looked upon as bad and something we have to constantly work to
get rid of. I myself fell into constantly berating the ego and
fighting against it. Doing this unknowingly created an on going
and increasing problem for myself. The more I fought against the
ego, the more confused I became, and less confident I felt. If
you have experienced much of the same, let me explain what
happen that changed all that for me.

Somewhere deep inside I was feeling that something was missing
in what I could do to help myself gain more clarity, confidence
and ultimately live my birth right of health, wealth and
happiness. I called out for help. When I asked I received huge
assistance in the form of being able to look at life and what
was happening in my life more unconditionally. I felt fortune
was smiling on me because I came across an understanding of the
Ego that I have never seen elsewhere. It was through a course
that provided insights and a framework for life, in a very
grounded systemic way that allowed me to make giant strides in
my life and move me forward at a pace that I had never
experienced before because I understood cause and effect,
attraction and countless other principles on a much deeper and
simpler level.

By using this material (mentioned at the end of this article),
I was able to integrate the powerful knowledge this course
provided and actually use my Ego, unconditionally and
responsibly to assist me and empower me to easily meet my

Let me share briefly upon what this material taught and awakened
within me as a level of truth I knew was missing yet didn’t
know where to find it.

We Are Actually Supposed To Have An Ego

We […]

What is keeping you from having what you want!

In this radio podcast, we discuss the answer to the question:

I have read all of the books, listened to all the gurus and done all of the affirmations and incantations in the world and I have only experienced small changes in my life, not the quantum leap I was  looking for.  I don’t feel like I am blocking myself, but I must be blocking myself because there is really no other reason… The question is, How do I go about finding out why I can’t attract my desired life?

This is a very eye opening answer and one that will get you thinking differently.

Self Esteem vs. The Esteemed Self

If we to choose to separate and divide ourselves and our consciousness with such words as ‘high self esteem’ and ‘low self esteem’ and we continue to choose to layer ourselves with these types of words in an effort to identify ourselves to seek, to find or discover worth outside of ourselves, then this is only going to continue the separation of self with confusion.  And in confusion it’s hard to remember that your worth comes from unconditionally and responsibly being yourself.  Listen to the podcast for more on how using the very terms themselves self esteem vs the esteemed self, can have an impact on how we live our lives.

Teleseminar on Self Esteem and the Esteemed Self

Wow!  That was a powerful teleseminar we had on Tuesday the 9th, and those of you who weren’t able to make it, we did record it.

To briefly recap, we discussed the answers to some of the questions that were presented and we also discussed the meaning of the esteemed self and self esteem.

Some of the really key points that get you to pause in your thinking are the relationship between truth and resistance.  If we are experiencing an event in our lives where we are reacting or making excuses, and not standing in the unconditional responsibility of the experience, we are denying ourselves the opportunity to receive some insight which will helps us discover the truth.  The truth is what is motivating us to do the things we do.  As long as we are not conscious of our motivations, we cannot do things differently if we are not happy with our current situation.

We also discussed the answer to a question someone had about money and if they had money could they not be spiritual.  It’s not having the money that  makes you not spiritual, it’s the idolization of money that gets in your way.  You may need a large amount of money in your life to be able to serve those around you in the best way that you know how.  You are always supported in your highest priority.

We also discussed the term ‘self esteem’ and how that sets up a conflict in our subconscious mind because of the duality of definitions these two words create together in this way.  As we use these words in our communication with ourselves and others, it affects how we create our reality.  We did a cool excercise […]

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Teleseminar On Why The Term ‘Self Esteem’ Is Misleading

The Choice is Mine will host a teleseminar on Tuesday April 8th at 8:00pm Eastern time that will discuss the contradiction we have in our mind when we use the term “Self Esteem”.  In this teleseminar, you will discover why it sets up a contradiction in our mind and what we should do instead when it comes to focusing on our personal development.

If you are one who has always focused on your ‘Self Esteem’ to improve your life, or your personal well being and have wondered why it was so difficult, or took such a long time to accomplish, then this teleseminar is for you.  If you are into the “Law of Attraction” then you will see how subtle, yet how significant the way we think about thing will determine what we allow into our lives.  You will learn a powerful way of bringing grace, ease and abundance into your life and be introduced to proven tools that have already helped thousands of others.

To register for this free teleseminar, go to

Leave a question if you would like it answered on the teleseminar.

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Perception of Love verses True Love

If my core is love, “Where,” I asked “could any cycle of conditional
fear-based reactions to life experiences possibly be coming

This question evolved into this empowering awareness.
Anger/fear/upsets births when you think you are NOT able to
give or receive according to your personal conditional perception
and subconscious understanding of what you think is love.
Upset of any kind can not be created in love. Love just is and
has no conditions around its existence. Upsets occurs because
every human being lives by and through love alone, therefore if
our conditional perception of love is being threatened, anger/
fear/upsets go off like warning bells and red flags because you
think you have to fight to the end to hang on to what you think
is love.

Understanding how you formed this inner and outer conditional
perception of love—opens you to revealing your subconscious
beliefs that hold you back from receiving sooner rather than later.
These are the beliefs which create conditionally or
unconditionally your life experiences. Conditionally you receive
loss, lack, upset, struggle and illness. Unconditionally your
receive grace, ease and abundance. It simply is what it is.
determinations of needing, or wanting to define love and place
it tightly and ever so neatly in a controlled thinking box ends up
in various degrees of being conditional. Over time, you will
become more mindful in how your perception of love guides
each choice you make.

Have fun and laugh at what you will discover.

Upset only keeps conditions in place. The truth of love is simple.

Love is not definable. It is way beyond definition. Thank God for
that because without definition, love is allowed to remain whole,
never ‘fragmented’ in a BILLION pieces of what is expected.
Indefinable, it is allowed to simply be love. Its guiding light
allows you to remember your individual uniqueness, your […]