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Personal Development Tip – The Benefits Of Being Unconditional

In this guest spot, Veronique talks about how being unconditional can allow you to really handle situations as they really are and handle people as they really are without having to become a doormat.  Listen in to the few examples that are provided and how to become this unconditional state.

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A Self Coaching Perspective

This came up when someone asked me how I would coach someone from a personal development point of view.  What was interesting to me is that in reality, we all already have what we need to be able to take ourselves to the other side of an issue, it’s just that we don’t remember HOW anymore.  The key is not to become dependent upon outside people/things to do that process for us, but to get connected with the tools that can support us in being able to do that for ourselves so we can begin to remember to HOW.  The tools that would be most supportive would be tools that we could incorporate into our daily lives and be something we would use without thinking.

Anyway, I feel the goal of coaching is to coach the person into being their own coach.

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This summer I read the personal development course The Choice Is Mine

I ran across this posting that I hadn’t posted yet.  So I thought I would post it!

One of the most powerful things about this course is that if focuses on the subtleties on how to create the life you love.  This course is so effective, that I have seen everyone who goes through this course receive their highest priority.  It has allowed me to get my life back and to be able to be who I really am, and not who I thought I was supposed to be because others thought I should be that.  What I love the most is the understandings it has given me about myself and how I create my life.  This course taught me how to create my life through the love that already exists within me, so I can live what I love.  All there is, is love, and everything else is really the illusion we choose to carry along like old broken luggage.
I feel as if this is the next generation of personal development because of how effective it is.  In fact, the author is in India right now because she was asked to share The Choice Is Mine with the Dalai Lama in a private audience.
After reading this course, I have come to the understanding that:
1) We are supposed to have an ego
2) We already have everything we need to know and there is nothing to learn, only to remember
3) There is no such thing as self-sabotage because we are always supporting our highest priority
4) There is nothing to fix, we are already in our perfection in each and every moment
5)  Being unconditionally responsible for who we are.

These are just a few of the things.  I […]

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How Do You Use The Gift Of You?

This exciting show is a continuation of the art of connecting, with the added dimension of adding the gift of you.  We all have a gift that we came to share through the world and we are always using that gift in either one of two ways.  The way we choose to use that gift is the will determine how our lives will be.  Will we live a life full of illness, financial struggles, rough relationships… or not?  Understand we have a choice in how we choose to live our lives.  If we don’t know HOW to choose differently then…  well listen in to find out the HOW.

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The Illusion of Self Sabotage

How many times have you heard someone say “I am always sabotaging myself!”  Not only have I heard it many times from others, but I have also said it myself.  That was until I was exposed to a powerful new way of thinking that allowed me to see the huge illusion of that whole way of thinking.  There really is no such thing as self-sabotage.

The definition of sabotage from the dictionary is:  “Any undermining of a cause, or priority”.  So the definition of self-sabotage would be, “Any undermining of your own cause or priority.”  For the purpose of this article, we will talk about our highest priority in the moment.  Another concept will need to be mentioned before I bring this all home.  This concept is that in each and every moment, we are always creating and experiencing our highest priority.  Each and every moment is a manifestation of what we subconsciously want to create in our lives whether we are aware of this or not.

You may say “Hey, wait a minute, I just had a horrible, terrible experience in my life, so why on earth would I even want to create that in my life?”  I am not minimizing the scope or the intensity of your experience in any way.  I am sharing that experience created an end result.  Without judging the experience or the end result, ask yourself what did you receive from that experience?  We all have experiences in our lives in order to receive something.  It may not be obvious in the moment, but we did receive something.  And in that moment and time of the experience, you’re highest priority was to receive what the experience created for […]

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Managing your time – part 2

This show is a continuation of last weeks show and is more on managing your time as well as managing your life.  Time management is really all in the mind and all in your priorities and how you create your experiences.  We are powerful creators and we create the time we have in our lives.  Listen in for more of this powerful show.

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The Choice Is Mine Personal Development Course 

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How To Manage Our Time – Part 1 of the TCIM Radio Show

This episode of the show focuses on how we can avoid drowing in a sea of lost time.   I is all in our perception of things and how we choose to create based on what we believe and what we keep saying to ourselves.  Listen in to this weeks radio episode where you will get some great insights on how to create more time for yourself to do what it is that you love.

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Stress and How to Deal With It…. It’s Simpler Than You Might Think

In this radio episode, we have our guest Emily ask how to deal with stress. The answer is quite basic. It is in the way you view your situation and how you choose to experience it. However, the difference is not only in knowing this, but in living it. Nothing can be changed when it remains on an intellectual level. It is only changed when it is a part of you as breathing is a part of you. Listen in for some powerful insights…

Warning, these are only insights, you must ground them with clear and concise action in order to make a difference.

Reduce Your Stress With These Powerful Tools

Remember, there are no life lessons – Personal Development Tip

In this podcast entry, Veronique is a guest speaker on KVSP radio where she discusses the concept of having no life lessons. This is a huge personal development tip because if you understand this concept, then you can get off of the gerbil wheel of life lesson after life lesson after life lesson…. Just remember what you already know, and don’t judge what is happening to you by what you THINK it is. Get all the facts first before you decide what is happening. Listen to the podcast for more info.

Your Perception Of Love and Beyond

In this radio show, the perception of love is always supported.  This show talks about what you can do when you go beyond your perception of love and how you can stay conscious of it so that it doesn’t take you in the direction that you want to go.  You are constantly supporting your perception of love, so it actually takes less mental energy to alter your perception of love than it does to constantly resist ‘sabotaging’ yourself.  Listen in for more powerful, powerful insights.