Economic Woes Cause Women To Feel Disempowered

…But that is not all!  In an article from the Associated Press, there is a growing trend the women who are experiencing harder times due to the economy, are resorting to working in the adult entertainment industry.  Even though the adult entertainment industry is also experiencing some effects from the economy, women can still earn a decent living by going topless.

What does this have to do with the topic of this blog?  It is about personal empowerment.  Looking at this trend unconditionally, without judging, are the women who are taking these jobs?  The come from all kinds of backgrounds and are willing to drastically change their job.  Are they truly empowering themselves?

Well, if they are working in the industry for the pure joy of it and they feel energized, empowered, and it is something they would do without pay, then they are in the joy of what they are doing, and they are empowering themselves.

If the women feel any form of judgement, blame, guilt or shame with their new profession, even if they are able to numb themselves to their own feelings, then they are dis-empowering themselves.  It doesn’t matter if it is “against” societies rules.  If you are truly in the joy of what you are doing, and it is what you came here to do, there is nothing external  that can make you feel any different.  If there is something external that has made you feel any different, then that feeling already resides within you.

This is why it is important now more than ever, for people to be able to empower themselves if they so choose and to not fall into the illusion that the economy is going to determine what kind […]

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Guest Radio Spot for 031109

Listen to this radio show where Veronique is being interviewed on KSVP.

Welcome Back Podcast

We have take a break for a bit on the radio podcasts, but we are back and stronger than ever!  Listen in to this inspiring podcast and receive some inspiring insights.  Your personal and professional transformational training is on its way!

A Self Coaching Perspective

This came up when someone asked me how I would coach someone from a personal development point of view.  What was interesting to me is that in reality, we all already have what we need to be able to take ourselves to the other side of an issue, it’s just that we don’t remember HOW anymore.  The key is not to become dependent upon outside people/things to do that process for us, but to get connected with the tools that can support us in being able to do that for ourselves so we can begin to remember to HOW.  The tools that would be most supportive would be tools that we could incorporate into our daily lives and be something we would use without thinking.

Anyway, I feel the goal of coaching is to coach the person into being their own coach.

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The Effect Of Emotions On Your Health

Yes, now science is backing up what most holistic practitioners have said all along, your emotions DO affect your quality of life. Now science has shown through the physical effects, how anger can affect your quality of life, to the point of ending your life!

So now it is more than ever it is important to control your emotions and how you chose to respond to situations. There are many resources out there that can support you in being able to live your life through healthy emotions as opposed to destructive emotions.
One resource that is extremely effective at really changing your emotions from anger to joy is called The Choice Is Mine. When you think about it, the choice is really yours when it comes to how you experience life.

Get The Choice Is Mine here.
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Anger really can kill you: study
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Amazing New Transformational Opportunity For Job Seekers and Professionals

The creator of The Choice Is Mine is giving a 1 day class on March 28th for those of you who are job seekers or professionals and want to break out of the cycle of ‘struggle’.  This class is great for those who are stuck in the middle of jobs currently.

What I have noticed is that when people are in the middle of jobs, not at their own conscious choosing, it is like you are reaching for anything that comes along because you feel you have to do something, anything now!  You can’t take the time to figure out what it is that you really love.

I remember watching Donald Trump get interviewed on a number of occasions and he always without fail has said the same thing over and over again.  “Do what you love”.

I am finding the importance of that because when you are doing what you love, everything else falls into place.  When you are doing what you love, you will be in the space and mindset to allow your creativity come in and give you the solutions you need to be able to live the life you love.

The thing is getting into that space cannot be done from a place of fear.  If you are worried about what will happen to you and don’t feel you can do anything to change it, you will need some support from  outside of yourself that can help move you from hopelessness and into empowerment.

This concept is also the same for those who are in a job or profession that they feel is slowly sucking the life out of them but feel that they are stuck because “in this economy, they are lucky to have […]

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Guest Radio Spot – The Importance of Keeping Focused

This show is about the importance of keeping focused on your goals.  Even if you don’t see changes right away, know that if you maintain your focus, you will receive what you have asked for.  It is also important to know what motivates you so you can easily make the changes in your life that will support what you love.  An interesting discussion on addictions takes place on this show as well.

The Importance of Having a Strong Foundation

A strong foundation allows you to not only become aware of the subtleties in life that hold you back and keep you down, but it also allows you to be able to move beyond them to be able to live what you love.  With a strong foundation, you can bounce back quicker and not fall into those limiting beliefs and behaviors that will keep you from living the life you love.

Listen into this show which shows you how having the right tools can build you that foundation more quickly than ever before.

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The Choice Is Mine Experience and Lifestyle

What allows someone to move from living a life of fear, lack, struggle and illness into living a life of grace, ease, abundance and love?  It is allowing yourself to live through love and love alone.  This all sounds great and wonderful, but what does that really mean?  Listen in to this episode and you can discover some very powerful tools that will actually give meaning and also a step by step HOW TO do this for yourself.

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Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick!

Here is a New Year’s Resolution…. All my New Year’s Resolutions are going to stick this year! How is that for a resolution? So what is the cause that so many of our resolutions don’t stick? We are approaching it from the outside in instead of the inside out. What the heck does that mean?

Say our resolution is to double our income on the Internet. If our belief system is such that we limit ourselves to only a certain level of success, then it doesn’t matter how hard or long we work, we will only be able to give ourselves so much success.

So HOW do we discover these beliefs? How do we see the grains of sand in the engine that while they are incredibly small, they create a huge effect in the performance of the engine. It’s not the big stuff that trips us up… It’s the little stuff. The things so small and so subtle that you don’t even know they are actually pushing away what you want to create. HOW do we become aware of these thoughts and beliefs so we can turn them around and actually create lasting change?

There is a new ebook available called Illusion that really gives the reader a great insight on what we do to keep ourselves back. The thing is that most of the stuff we do we think is absolutely normal in our lives, but it really isn’t. Struggle and strife really aren’t a part of life when we become clear in our beliefs, thoughts, words and actions. This ebook describes exactly HOW we can tell when we are holding ourselves back […]

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