I just came back from a seminar on new media. You would think that this topic is about as far away from personal development as one could be. However, what was fascinating is that as with life and the way we live life, the principles are the same for success, no matter what area you are in…

Ok, it’s not THAT fascinating. It is actually pretty basic. Those people who were successful at what they were doing were passionate and loved what they were doing. One of the more poignant moments during the event was at the end of the seminar where they had the big wigs on the panel sharing the secrets of their success. Their jobs didn’t feel like work to them. One of them even said that she would still do what she was doing even if she didn’t get paid.

I would say that is true success…. When you do what you love and are able to earn enough to have the life you want to live. That IS true success!

It is very possible to open yourself up to be able to live the life you love. However I believe that if there are subconscious beliefs you have that are keeping you from doing that, you will struggle until you become aware of what those subconscious beliefs are, and you will then be able to do something about them so your subconscious CAN support what it is you want in your life.

And that brings us back to the title. All of the panelists and even everyone who presented said take action. Don’t fall into the analysis paralysis, and kill your forward momentum by doubt. Take action. It is imperative!