Many people see spirituality as a sense of denying themselves anything of a physical nature.  I see it as we are here in a physical manifestation and while we are here, we might as well enjoy it.  Our enjoying the experience in this manifestation doesn’t diminish who we are as spiritual beings.  We are all things.  It is OK to have desires.  Desires allow us, to experience this dimension in all of its glory. We live in this world, so worldly pleasures are not ‘wrong’ to experience. If it was ‘wrong’ to experience them, we would be existing in a place where there are no worldly pleasures.

The confusion, in my humble opinion, is when we choose to DEFINE ourselves through our desires instead of EXPRESS ourselves through our desires.  This is where we lose our way because then we make life as originating from outside ourselves instead of inside ourselves.

So the next time you desire something, if it brings you joy, and it is honestly good for you, then by all means, express your beingness by experiencing that desire.  It won’t reduce your spirit, or make you less spiritual.  Life is here to be experienced, so experience away!